Ceilings play an integral part in giving a classy look to your interiors.


We take care of providing you the best flooring for your houses, offices...


We do all interior furnishing for your residential and office spaces.


We work on the entire painting of your exteriors and interiors.

Sri Mayel Interiors are in the field of interior decoration and painting for the past 25 years. Our experience throughout the years had given us a complete understanding of the needs of our customers regarding their needs and dreams in designing their interiors. We also provide a quality work for your exteriors that facelifts the entire building.

We work on interiors in houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and shopping complexes. We meet your needs with the maximum utility and functionality along with the improved ambiance of the entire place. As the interiors of a living place and office can alter people’s mindset, we work carefully towards providing the right colors and patterns in all the interior accessories.

We are updated about the technological advancement in the machinery that are used for ceiling and flooring and we use them for rendering our customers the best and advanced service. We labor to heighten your habitat.